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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Big Cheese Truck: Comfort food for the humane eater

Last weekend, I went to Popapalooza, a Spring kick-off that featured Pleasant Pops (hence the name), music and games (yes... Alex, Winston and I manned the Plinko board).

Another food truck was also there:
the Big Cheese Truck, a totally vegetarian grilled cheese food truck. Ordinarily, I avoid cheesy goodness when eating out, because most of the time it is factory farmed cheesy goodness.

Not so this time. It turns out that the Big Cheese Truck gets all their cheese from
Cowgirl Creamery near Metro Center in DC (Cowgirl only sells either artisan cheeses from the U.S. and Europe or cheese from small organic farms).

You can even look up specific cheeses the Big Cheese Truck uses for each sandwich on their website, and find out about the cheese and the farm. Or you can just ask them at the truck, like I did.

The Big Cheese Truck gets their bread from
Lyon, a local bakery in South West DC.

As I write this now, I really want one of their delicious grilled cheeses. At Popapalooza, I had their
"Barely Buzzed" which is cheddar on sourdough. Also as I write this, I realize how foolish it was to do so during Passover.

Maybe this is how I will celebrate leavened bread next week?

Be sure to follow the Big Cheese Truck on
Twitter and Facebook and try them for yourself!

Logo Courtesy of the Big Cheese Truck's website

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  1. This is great news! I love Cowgirl Creamery and it makes me happy to know the Big Cheese Truck uses their delicious (humanely produced) product.