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Monday, August 9, 2010

Ode to Quinoa

One of the best parts of trying to eat humane is experimenting with new foods and recipes!

In fact, one of ones I have really grown to LOVE is Quinoa.

Dubbed a "superfood," it is is used like rice or couscous, except it has higher nutritional value. You can find it nowadays at almost every grocery store.

Here is how I made it last night:
Stirring in 2-parts vegetable broth, 1-part Quinoa, I simmered the Quinoa
(like you do rice), and added:
- sauteed spinach
- cherry tomatoes (from my Aunt Deb's garden!)
- almonds (fried in olive oil, that gives the almonds a roasted, burnt taste).
- Italian parsley

After the Quinoa was ready, I added the ingredients, mixed and served!

It was a delicious, nutritious and humane meal!

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