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Friday, December 10, 2010

Wedding plans (and tastings!)

... And yet another excuse for my absence: I got engaged last month and have been busy trying to plan a wedding.

As many of you know, Alex and I try to live our lives with as little impact and waste as possible. I also try to live a humane lifestyle. And we are trying to model the wedding on that set of values.

We found those values in our caterer: Eat and Smile Foods. I said this to Chef Oliver and I will say it to you: I could not have dreamed-up a more perfect caterer for our wedding.

Photo credit: Alexandra Friendly Photography

Eat and Smile Foods, aptly described on their website, is "locally sourced, esquitely made." Unlike most caterers, local ingredients (including dairy and eggs) is the rule, not the exception.

Because Eat and Smile does not advertise, I did not know about them. But Alex sent a link to the Bitten Word, a popular food blog. The authors wrote about their wedding -- including their caterer: Eat and Smile -- and I was hooked.

We immediately set up a tasting with Oliver, and did not need to look further.

Eat and Smile easily creates amazing vegetarian menues with all local ingredients. At the tasting we dined on (everything hand-and-home made): falafels and tangy yogurt, grilled cheese with olive tapenade, mushrooms and bean paste, goat cheese pastries, butternut squash soup with balsamic vinegar and pecans, salad with local cheese from Clear Spring Creamery, fettucini with mozzarella from Blue Ridge Dairy and red pepper pesto, ratatouille with fall vegetables, and apple pie with Dolcezza ice cream.

Check out our tasting here!

Photo Credit: Alexandra Friendly Photography


  1. Congrats on the engagement, Emily!
    And on finding a great caterer. :)

  2. I'm so glad we were able to lead you to Oliver! He's so terrific! Many of the guests at our wedding said it was the best food they'd ever had at a wedding -- I have to agree.

    Congrats on the engagement and on finding Oliver!

  3. Yes, can't wait for him to cater it! people are going to have such good food, they won't even remember the event (maybe for the better).

  4. Darling, we are so happy for you and the food looks wonderful!