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Friday, December 30, 2011

Butterball Exposed - A call for action

Hi all!

I know it is has been inexcusably long since my last post, but I have been swamped with the holidays (I am a card freak), and my real job has been keeping me quite busy.

However, when something like this comes along, I need to post. 

This week, Mercy for Animals (MFA) exposed chronic abuse at a Butterball turkey "farm" in North Carolina. 

As MFA states on their website, they found: 
  • "Workers violently kicking and stomping on birds, dragging them by their fragile wings and necks, and maliciously throwing turkeys onto the ground or into transport trucks in full view of company management;"
  • "Employees bashing in the heads of live birds with metal bars, leaving many to slowly suffer and die from their injuries;"
  • "Turkeys covered in flies, living in their own waste, with some unable to access food or water and suffering from severe feather loss"
  • "Birds suffering from serious untreated illnesses and injuries, including open sores, infections, rotting eyes, and broken bones; and"
  • "Severely injured turkeys, unable to stand up or walk, left to die without any veterinary care, because treating sick or injured birds was too costly and time consuming, as the farm manager explained to MFA's investigator."
You can watch the video here and see for yourself:

While Mercy For Animals did release this horrific video to the media, they first went to law enforcement officials, which then raided the farm for animal abuse. Yet even after their farm was raided by the Hoke County Sheriff’s Department, and over 100 articles were written about the abuse, Butterball still has not acknowledged this on their website. 

From Mercy for Animals
In fact, there is no mention of it anywhere!

I am a firm believer that companies listen to their consumers, so please let Butterball know that you do NOT support this by: 
  1. Writing on their Facebook Wall saying that you want them to adhere to animal welfare standards and that you are boycotting their turkeys and buying local, humane meat instead.
  2. Tweeting at them (@butterball) telling them you will #boycott their product and instead by #humane #turkeys until they become more humane.
  3. Calling them at 800-288-8372 and tell them you are boycotting their product and buying humane turkey, and urge them to strengthen their animal welfare standards.
  4. Sending an email using their online submission form telling them that you are boycotting their product until they strengthen their animal welfare regulations.

Once again, thank you to Mercy for Animals for doing this most-important work! 


  1. I sent them a message via the online submission form. Thanks for providing the link!

  2. Thanks so much!!!! Please pass it on!