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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hot Dog!

No, I am not referring to Winston (cuz I know that's what all ya'll were thinkin)...

One of my friend's recently cautioned me to make sure that the humane cheese I buy does not contain animal rennet. Animal rennet is essentially calf stomach (sometimes kid and lamb too), and it is used in most cheeses to separate the curds and whey. Which means that:
a) it is not vegetarian, and
b) it is most certainly not humane

For those of you who would suggest I only eat Kosher cheese (cough: Adam) think again. According to, Kosher cheese can and does still contain animal rennet as long as the processing of the animal is done so according to Kosher law.

So what am I to do? Become a vegan? I think we all can agree that my crash-test attempt for less than a day didn't work out very well.

So, I have come to this conclusion: I will continue to eat humane cheese based on a philosophy that I adhered to ever since I became a vegetarian: if I ever eat meat again, it will probably be a hot dog.

Why a hot dog, you ask? Well, a hot dog is a meat by-product or MSM. It contains all the meat that doesn't go to the supermarket. It is the stuff that would have been thrown away and wasted.

And since I am an animal rights proponent, and we use animals for human consumption, then we should use EVERY part, as wasting an animal is a terrible thing to do. (I use this same reasoning when giving my Hot Dog, Winston, raw hides.)

While I don't think I will be eating a meat hot dog anytime soon, I will continue to enjoy my humane cheese. Because, even if I hate the thought of slaughtered baby cows, lambs and goats, they are not being killed for their stomachs. But their stomachs are at least not going to waste.

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