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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wonderland Ballroom is... well, Wonderful!

Wonderland Ballroom came onto the DC scene about 5 years ago. A hipster hang-out, it survived a notorious robbery, drawing crowds for its up-and-coming locale, good beer selection, fun DJs and Trivia Night (a favorite DC past time).

I had never gone until this past year when our friends moved into Columbia Heights. Since my first visit, I have looked forward to coming back:

The menu is full of vegan options, including friend pickles and eggplant, veggie chili, salads, veggie burgers, and the best entree (drum roll please....): Faux-Italian sausage.

Now, had I known I was going there tonight, I would not have had 2 smart breakfast sausage links this afternoon. But I am cannot see into the future like Winston, so tonight at dinner I got the veggie burger instead, so I wouldn't over-do it on the faux-sausage front.

We were actually supposed to go to Meridian Pint (another blog post for another day), but ended up at Wonderland.

It was delicious, but it made me start wondering if their cheese items were humane. On a Friday night, most restaurants in Columbia Heights are pretty packed (due to the hipsters that flock there, but also due in-part to the lack of restaurants -- there are only a few in the area).

I would like to find out, so I will be sure to call back at a time when busboys are running into servers. In the meantime, I am loving my veggie burgers and Faux-Italian Sausage!

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