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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Win for animals in Ohio

Today, the New York Times reported on an "agreement" between animal welfare groups (like The Humane Society) and farms in Ohio that allows more room in cages for hens, baby cows (or veal) and hogs (including pregnant sows).

While this is a win for the animals, we have to ask: how much of a win?

It will be better for a pregnant sow to be able to turn around (now she is confined to a 7 X 2 foot long gestation crate). And it will be better for chickens (who won't be packed 6 or 7 hens to a cage the size of a newspaper). And it will be better for baby cows who will be able to turn around.

But how much better?

Will the sow be able to roam? No.
Will the chickens be able to stretch their wings and peck (with beaks, nonetheless)? No.
Will baby cows be able to run and play? No.

But this is a step, and an important one. It is not as much of an "agreement" as it is forcing factory farms to take steps to reform through the power of our voices and our dollars. It is proof that people actually are about where their food comes from, and what is in it. And we are using our dollars to change an industry that is long overdue.

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