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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our local, humane wedding

By far, I think the best part aspect of planning our wedding has been the food. It was a way to turn my passion for humane living into something real.

Here is a rundown of all the cool things we are doing.

Most importantly, our wedding -- and all of the noshing surrounding it -- will be entirely humane and vegetarian. We did a lot of research to find places that could accomodate these needs and vendors who understood why it was important to us.

Eat & Smile is catering our wedding. Oliver, the owner and chef, buys only local food from farmers markets in the DC area. We are not entirely sure what he is going to serve yet, but he gave us a list of food that is usually in season now. Whatever is fresh he will make. We absolutely loved his food during our tasting and cannot wait to eat at the wedding. Oh, and we will eat, contrary to what people say about the bride and groom not eating at their own wedding.

Whole Foods is catering our rehearsal dinner. Due to the fact that we cannot source the cheese there, we are doing a mostly vegan dinner. We are having southwest jicama salad, really garlicky kale, hummus dips, two kinds of tofu, garden hummus wraps and pasta salad. Check out Alex at our tasting:

The pastry chef there is using only Organic Valley milk, butter and eggs for any in-house dessert items.

Our morning-after brunch is being hosted by Rosemary's Thyme, an awesome restaurant in DC. I couldn't find a good breakfast place that was local, humane and affordable. But then I thought about Rosemary's Thyme. They always seem to be doing something cool. For instance, they host a free neighborhood Thanksgiving that includes a clothing drive. So I thought I would call and see if they would cater our breakfast using all local farmers.

They were more than happy to help, and it was so much fun going to the farmers market with Evin to have her meet the vendors and go over the menu. We are using Creekside Farm for eggs, Keswick for cheese, and milk and cream from Clear Spring Creamery. (We were going to use Blue Ridge, but they pulled their items once I asked about the farm they get their dairy from... More on that when I have time to write about something other than the wedding.)

Alex went on the hunt for local booze. We are getting local beer from Heavy Seas (Baltimore, MD) Flying Dog (Frederick, MD), and Port City Brewing (Alexandria, VA). Only some of the wine is local, and it's from Horton Vineyards in Gordonsville, VA.

And Alex made to sure to get as much of the liquor from union shops as we could, such as bourbon from Knob Creek, rye whiskey from Old Overholt, and rum from Mount Gay.

Stay tuned for pics of the awesome food!

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